Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Cheer Bouquet

Need a little Spring cheer?  I do.  I'm so ready for Spring to get here.  I added a cute Spring bouquet to my breakfast nook table to brighten the morning.  Since the tulips aren't out yet, I settled for faux tulips.  You can make your own with your choice of flowers, but Spring to me are when the daffodils and tulips arrive.

Materials needed

1. Chose your container and the flowers you want to use.  I used tulips and two other stems as fillers.

2. If any of the flowers are attached on one stem in a bunch, fluff them out the way you want them to look in your container.

3. Place the flowers into the container and arrange them the way you want.

4. Add a colorful ribbon and your done!

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