Saturday, November 23, 2013

Greeting Card Keepers

I attend to a monthly card club.
We make all sorts of different themed cards.  After a while, you need some place to stash all of these cards so they don't get ruined before they get used up.  :)  These are two of the greeting box keepers I made up for all of my extra cards.  I purchased these boxes from Stampin' Up!

Lay out your fabric or paper.  Place your template on top and trace around it.

Cut out around the traced template.

Fold or press (when using fabric) along the score lines.

Cover the index separators with coordinating paper/fabric.

Sand the edges if necessary to keep everything smooth and clean.

Embellish the top.  I chose to make a paper flower for the green box.

And a fabric flower for the white box.


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