Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cross Stitch Gift Tag and Christmas Ornament

The other day, my granddaughters
came to visit me at work.  The oldest is 5 years-old, the other is 3.  The oldest had a pair a sunglasses on and I took them, slipping them on my face as I asked her how they looked on me.  The lenses were so smeared and dirty you couldn't see out of them.  Handing them back, I said, "These glasses are filthy." And the littlest one responded--"That's cuz I licked them."  :)

This year for Christmas, I decided to do something a little different.  I found these cute little snowmen cross stitch patterns and thought they were so adorable--there are several, although I have only posted one so far.  Soon I was envisioning these as Christmas ornaments, so I began.  As I was making the first one, the gift tag idea came into my mind.  So I thought, why can't it double as both?  By adding their name, and attaching the ornament hole at the top--voilĂ !  You have a gift tag/Christmas ornament.    You can find the pattern below for this snowman tag.



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