Thursday, May 5, 2011

Free Nook Book

I just wanted to let everyone know that  Dead Girl Walking by Linda Joy Singleton is free on the Nook this month.

Linda Joy Singleton, author of the successful Seer books, returns with another hot paranormal series.
Stars are waiting to be discovered, and high-school senior Amber Borden wants to be the talent agent for the adolescent A-list. She's not the richest or the most popular, but she's determined to make a name for herself. While Amber may be upwardly mobile, her sense of direction is lousy—so lousy that it has cosmic consequences. Instead of returning to her body after a near-death experience, she lands in the body of the wealthiest, most popular girl in school—who just tried to commit suicide. Not what she had in mind when she imagined working behind the scenes with the rich and famous! Amber soon figures out that being the queen bee isn't all it's cracked up to be.
The first in a series, this paranormal page-turner introduces a teen heroine with a unique ability to solve problems from the beyond. Dead is the new black!

Spread the word to any Nook owners you know!


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  2. Oh man, I wish I had a Nook or Kindle or something. That's OK, I'm good with print books for now.

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