Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fabric Flower Hair Clips and Headbands.

My daughter-in-law Amber is going to join Cherished Handmade Treasures as a regular post author and collaborator.  I hope everyone enjoys her crafts as much as I do.  Welcome Amber!

Having two daughters to dress up and play fashionista with, I sometimes have a hard time justifying spending $6.00 + on one flower clip so I have tried making a few of them myself. It has been a blast and I love getting compliments on the finished products.

I got this pattern from a family member.  They are really easy to make and they allow you to use your creativity.

1.Cut 5 4x4 square pieces of fabric

2.Fold into triangle and trim edges.

3.With needle and thread, stitch up to the point and back down the other side. (Take big stitches.)

4.Pull tight and gather up making first petal.

5. Continue stitching until you have 5 petals.

6.Connect edges sewing together.
(If hole seems too big, sew around, pull tight and tie off.)

7. For headbands, sew flower to head band, then hot glue jewel to flower.

For clips hot glue jewel to flower, let cool, then glue flower onto end of clip.
You can do a 2x2 for smaller flowers for the smaller clips.
Get creative. You can use buttons, beads, etc for the center not just the BLING.

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  2. this is very cute and seems to be easy to make. once I have more time, I would like to try this!

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