Sunday, May 15, 2011

30 Meals In One Day--Giveaway

Have you ever had that thought at the end of a long work day—ugh...what am I going to make for dinner?  Well, I have come across the perfect solution.  30 Meals In One Day.  I have recently had the opportunity to try this product, thanks to the fabulous people at 30 Meals In One Day for sending me the program! Wow, what a difference it made for me.  Now with very little time spent in the kitchen I am able to prepare a nutritious meal with a tiny amount of effort.  Even cleanup seems like a snap.

30 Meals In One Day has its own easy to follow software that supports the cookbook.  The software is great to work with!  It downloaded easily, and is simple to use.  The software generates all of your menus, labels and shopping lists.  It's very straightforward.  You select your recipes,(the book suggests how many of each type of recipes to select--ie: slow cooker, oven, stove top, etc. for best efficiency on your cooking day...the recipes are broken down into those categories)

and then add them to your menu,which automatically adds the ingredients to your shopping list. 

You can then add or delete items to or from your shopping list as needed.  You can even add your own recipes to the program.  It's great! I haven't tried to add any recipes to the program yet, but I'm excited to try it with my next cooking day.  Then you print your freezer labels and menu if you wish.
Although I tried to get prepared before each trip to the store, I didn't do a very good job.  I usually had to go back for something else.  And those trips we usually came home with more than we originally went to get.  Our shopping trips could get expensive.  With 30 Meals In One Day, you have a very detailed, organized shopping list, so you're set.  Not only does it save you time by cutting the guess work of what's for dinner, it will help you save money at the grocery store.  Who wouldn't love that?

On my cooking day, the house smelled absolutely wonderful and the Teriyaki Chicken is the best!  TIP: Make sure you follow chapter six--the day before preparations.  It will save you a lot of time on your cooking day--just saying...

Every recipe we have tried has been a hit with my family.  The recipes are easy to follow and they have clear instructions on how to freeze each meal.  Also, nice freezer labels that print the recipe name, date and cooking instructions.  This program is so easy, my family has incorporated these freezer meals into our everyday life.

Guess what?  Now, you have a chance to do the same.  30 Meals in One Day has offered to do a giveaway to the readers of Cherished Handmade Treasures!  They are offering the Dinner is Ready Book and Software Combo - a retail value of $40!!

Just go to their web site and then come back to CHT and leave a comment telling me which recipe you would like to try.  If you have ever tried freezer meals before and have any tips, feel free to leave those as well.  You must be a public follower of Cherished Handmade Treasures.  The giveaway will end on Friday at midnight and the winner will be announced on Saturday, May 21, 2011. 

And if you can't wait for the giveaway, bounce yourself on over to their website because Cherished Handmade Treasures readers can get free shipping, just use promo code UTFAIR. You can see all of their books, software, labels and disposable pans on their web site 30 Meals in One Day, where you can purchase all of their wonderful products.  So go visit their web site, check out the recipes they have posted there and make life a little easier for yourself!



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  3. What a great product!! I'd love to try the Honey Lime Chicken, but there were more that caught my eye in the sample recipes they gave!! Thanks for the chance to win! : )

    Aimee @

    justkiddingaroundatlanta at gmail dot com

  4. Hey There!
    I just got your e-mail about this giveaway and I am so relieved and happy! Really, I am so constantly busy that I feel like a bunch of frayed strings and I rarely have time to prepare dinner. I am so excited about the organization of the software especially that it will save lots of time making a shopping list...and like you said, it will cut down on buying things I dont need. I love the idea of the easy recipes with normal ingredients and I am excited that I can call home and have the kids pop one into the oven for us when I am gone. Or on days whe I am coming and going I can throw a crock pot meal in like their Cream Cheese Chicken and it can be ready when everyone makes it home. No more yucky fast food meals on the fly! Thanks so much!

    jenny at dapperhouse

  5. Oh Sandy, this has to be one of the most amazing things I have come across in a long time. What a life saver! I used to be a big fan of pre-cooking food and freezing it for later use (Thank you for that talent grandma!) when I was a single grad student but since my partner and I have been living together.. I've dropped it. And it's no good! -- I'm ready to hide his roman noodles/ichiban noodles, kraft dinner etc. in far, far away places.

    You really had me at "organized shopping" and by showing the picture of the software.. but EASY CLEAN UP. Who wouldn't love that! I would definitely try the lemon rice and coconut shrimp the first... umm also the apple roast pork salad.

    I'm getting hungry just thinking about all this! Thanks for visiting my blog and sending me over!

  6. My husband and I have tried to make and freeze meals before. I wonder if we are doing it wrong, as a couple of them didn't taste so special after being frozen. To have something that would help hold my hand and that is designed for freezing would be a lifesaver. No more wasted meals.

    I went to peek a the recipes and the Sweet and Sour chicken would be a great lunchtime hit for work. I like that it tells you how to store them as well.

    I actually stumbled across you via the Facebook hop. Now I'm a GFC follower as well.

  7. Ooh--I would love to win this--I am forever failing at freezer meals! The Honey Lime Chicken is the recipe I'd love to try--it sounds like it would go great with a few margaritas ; )

  8. I haven't tried freezer meals before but I am dying to try it. I think the honey bbq ribs would be the one I would love to try. Cooking a month's worth of meals in one day sounds like heaven!

    trisha71478 at gmail dot com

    I now follow you on networked blogs. :)

  9. WOW! I love this program. I just started cooking in one day and having meals for the whole month, but I didn't know there was any programs out there that would help you. If you check out my blog, I have two post on my first experience on cooking in one day. I followed you on networked blogs and also on the blog itself.


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