Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wooden Garden Flowers

A few years ago, my niece made some wooden garden flowers.  She gave a couple of them to me. I love them.

This year, however, I noticed they were a little worse for wear.

So, I told my husband they needed to be repainted--just freshen them up a bit for the upcoming season. He sanded them down...this is what they looked like after they were sanded!  :)

Then I gave them each a new coat of paint.
Now, they're good as new!
I don't have a pattern, but I can explain how she made them:

There are four pieces to these flowers.
1. the wooden flower
2. the round wooden center
3. the wooden leaf
4. the stick

1. Trace your flower, leaf and center onto a 1/8" thick plywood board and cut out.

2. Paint pieces to desired colors. You can sand the edges or leave alone it's up to you. 

3. Drill two small holes through flower, center and stick where you will attach with wire.  And again through leaf and stick (where you will attach leaf). 

4. Twist extra wire around wooden dowel (or pencil if you don't have a dowel) to curl.

5.  Spray with clear coat spray paint to protect in outside weather. 

6.  Place flowers in your garden and enjoy!

Thanks Jen, I still love my garden flowers!


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