Monday, May 17, 2010

Crocheted Finger Puppets

A very good friend of mine, Danna Smith, is a children's book author.  Her latest book Two at the Zoo is a cute counting book and one that I love to read to my almost two year old granddaughter.  Grandpa and grandson count their way through the zoo finding one bear on up to ten warthogs.  Her books are always entertaining and this one is no exception.  Her dazzling rhymed text, along with the great colored illustrations make her books great gifts for all the small children in your life.

While chatting with her the other day, she gave me a great idea to go along with her book.  Crocheted finger puppets!  Although I didn't do one for every animal in her story (how do you make a warthog?) I might add more to the group.  I did make a lion, spider, the grandson and of course the crazy-looking grandpa (mine is crazy looking--not the story's).  Meet them below.    You can find Danna's books at:  Danna Smith Books  or at: Buy it now! Two at the Zoo

Meet the lion,

the spider,

the grandson,


and last but not least, grandpa!



MATERIALS: Worsted yarn in colors of your choice, yarn needle

GAUGE: Crochet hook size G


With size G hook and color desired, ch 2.
Row 1: 8 sc in 2nd ch ch from hook.  Sl st in beg ch to form ring. Do not turn.  Total st=8
Row 2: sc in ea st around.  Do not join--do not turn.  Total st= 8
Row 3: 2 sc in ea st around.  Do not join--do not turn.  Total st=16
Row 4-7: Rep row 2. Total st= 16
Row 8:  *dec over next two st* rep around row.  Total st= 8
Row 9: sc in ea st around. Do not join--do not turn.  Total st= 8
Row 10-15:  rep row 9 around.  Do not join--do not turn.  Total st= 8  Finish off.

Once I had the main body down, I decorated them as I wished.  For the spider, I reversed the order of the increase and decreases to switch the bulge and just attached the legs with some chains.

As the menagerie grows I will post them.


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