Tuesday, July 17, 2012

#Mod-Podge Birdie

Here is my little Mod Podge birdie.  I found this little wooden birdie on the clearance rack at Michaels for 99¢ and couldn't pass it up.  I had intended to put it outside in my garden, but when I finished, it just seemed to fit right into my garden window.

Mod Podge
Paper of your choice (as you can see I couldn't which way to go with the paper, but I'm happy with the choice I finally made)
Paint brush or sponge to apply the  paint and Mod Podge
Sanding block, emery board, sand paper...

1. Make your template and then cut it out.

2. Paint the edges of your bird.

3. Mod Podge the paper pieces onto the bird.

4. With your choice of sanding tool, sand the edges smooth.  For a small project like this, I prefer to use an emery board.  It works great.

Voilà! My cute little birdie.


  1. I love modpodge and I love your bird! ;-)

  2. Too cute!! I would love for you to share this (and any other creations) at Pin It and Win It Wednesday @ www.cheapcraftymama.com!

  3. So cute. I'm going to have to remember the emery board tip.

  4. That is too cute! I love it. I'm your newest follower from the Pin It and Win It! So pinning this cute little bird. :)

  5. I love this birdie! Even better that you got him at the dollar store :) Mod Podge is awesome, isn't it. He looks great, good job :)

  6. I love this little bird and the paisley is perfect on it! Thanks for linking up at Doodles & Stitches.

  7. love it! I did the same thing :) great minds...

  8. Mod Podge really works with a lot of projects. This birdie would look great in my kitchen. I have a birdie theme :) Thanks for linking up at Mom's Library!


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