Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mod Podge Halloween Lanterns

Several years ago, my aunt made this cute pumpkin lantern for me.  She filled it with a fun candied popcorn that uses kool-aid in the recipe.  I'l try to remember to dig out that recipe later, make a batch and post it.  Anyway, I love this little lantern.  I put it out every year,it's one of my favorite decorations.  This year I decided he needed some friends, so I attempted to make:


a witch

and a ghost to join him.

Supplies I used: 

Mod Podge
colored tissue paper
empty jar
brush (to apply the Mod Podge)
sponge (for Frankenstein's bolts)
hot glue gun & glue
wire for the handle
tea light candle
black sharpie (to color Frankenstein's bolts and draw stitches)

Cut out a face for your character and decide your placement prior to beginning project.  Mod Podge the top of your jar (green for your pumpkin stem, black for your witch's hat, etc.) and then begin to Mod Podge the characters strips down the jar.  Mod Podge the face in the place and allow to dry.  Twist the wire around the jar and up over the top to fashion a handle.  Drop a tea light candle down inside and voila!  A darling Halloween lantern.

My daughter and I decided to get all the women in our family together once a month (or so) for a craft day. For our first get together, we made these Halloween lanterns.  Here are a few pictures from our day together.

My niece, Sam, and her one-eyed Cyclops.

My D-I-L Amber, making Jack for her Halloween obsessed two-year-old.  :)

The cheesy poser, Courtney.

My big sis forbid me to post her picture.  :)  My mom, her twin sister, and my M-I-L also joined us. 

A collection of the day's lanterns.

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  1. Thanks, Amy. Although the original idea was my Aunt's (I just expanded on her creation). We all had a great time making them.

  2. Dropping by from teh Alexa Hop. New follower, would love a follow back! I actually saw these the other day somewhere and had them on my list of projects. yours turned out very cute!


  3. Love your page! Thank you so much for visiting mine. Stopping by from the alexa blog hop! I was already a fan of yours on facebook, and I just voted for you on The Mom Blogs. :)

    Money Saving Mindy

  4. Cute and simple too. This would be a great project for the grandkids...and they would last from year to year.
    Hopping around with the Monday Alexa Hop

  5. that looks fun!!!! I want to make some now, thanks for sharing.

  6. The cheesy poser comment just about killed me... awesome! Those look cool. I have no idea where you even buy stuff like that... probably Michaels?

  7. Nice! Great for my Halloween Bash!


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