Friday, November 19, 2010

Little butterball

While surfing the net one October day, I came upon a blog where the blogger had made a cute pumpkin plaque.  She had three pumpkins staggered in size, painted, distressed,  and then glued together large to small with a cute bow tied around the middle.  I visited a few more blogs that day and lo and behold I saw the same pumpkins.  At least the ideas were identical, the projects all turned out differently.  Each had their own unique shapes, they were painted in various colors and of course none of the ribbons were alike, but they all stemmed from the same idea, which gave me a great idea.  Why not do that with a turkey for a Thanksgiving project?  And my little butterball came alive.  So, I looked for a picture of a turkey that I liked that day and took it home to my hubby.   He told me to make him a pattern.  I did in three sizes.  And then I tried to wait patiently to him to find time to cut them out.  That was the hard part!

This is what I started with.   Three pieces; large to small.  Plain wood, thick enough to make it stand once they are stacked.

Base the two bottom pieces with brown, except for his shoes and hat which need to be painted black. 

The top piece I painted to match the picture (at least as much as I could).

Distress the edges slightly with sand paper and scuff the top of the paint.

Using a hot glue gun, glue each piece together.  Make sure the bottom of the feet are even so he will stand up.

Pick a fun fall ribbon and tie around his middle.


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