Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday cards with Shutterfly

I made my own Holiday cards this season.  I really meant to get to this earlier, but unfortunately I haven't been very organized this year.  Good thing it was super easy with Shutterfly.  A novice computer user would be able to follow their easy directions to create beautiful holiday or special occasion cards that would be unique.

Once you create your account you are able to load your pictures directly into photo albums or skip that step and just jump to the next step which is what I did.  As soon as I created my account I automatically began searching for the perfect card from the hundreds they have to choose from.  That was the hardest part.  I finally narrowed down the selection to three and I showed those to my husband.  We decided together which one we liked the best.  Then it was easy sailing from there.

I followed the simple steps; ie: adding our names and uploading a picture.  Actually, I uploaded a few pictures so I could decide which would be the best choice for the card we selected.  All you have to do for picture placement is drop and drag.  Then save, preview, and order.  Super easy!  You have the option to edit the picture, but I didn't need those functions since I used a picture that had been taken professionally.  They also have matching address labels in a variety of styles.  It's a great service, one I'll definitely use again.  I hope others will give them a try.


I have attached a few direct links for anyone interested in creating their own Christmas photo cards:  Christmas Photo Cards

Or for their birthday invitations:  Birthday invitations

This one is for their thank you cards:   Thank You Cards

And last but not least, since this is the party season, their party invitations:   Party Invitations

Hopefully, everyone has as much fun as I did creating their own cards with Shutterfly!

Please note:  The first three people who comment on their Shutterfly experience will receive free Shutterfly product samples.


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