Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bookworm $150 B&N Giftcard Giveaway Event--Ends 1-30

How many of you received an e-reader over the holiday?  Don't you just love to cozy up with a brand new story?
In Tip Hero's latest giveaway, we're teaming up with a bunch of fabulous blogs to offer you the chance to expand your library. If you're an avid reader, then you don't want to miss this giveaway.  One lucky reader will be the winner of a $150 Barnes and Noble gift card, delivered electronically for immediate use! 

This giveaway begins on January 16th and will run for 2 weeks, closing on January 30 at 11:59pm US Eastern time. Open to United States & Canada, 18+.

Enter below for your chance to win this very book-y prize by filling out the PromoSimple form below. Be sure to come back daily for more opportunities to enter. Good luck!


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