Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Making Holiday Houses

On Sunday my D-I-L, two-year-old granddaughter Hayleigh, and eight-year-old niece Sam, made our Christmas houses.  Usually, we do them out of  gingerbread, but this year we decided to try the Rice Krispies Treats Holiday Houses.

I thought it would be easier for the little ones and more fun if everyone had their own house to decorate.  Although the houses turned out cute and they were a loads of fun, next year I think we'll make the Rice Krispies Treats houses for the little ones and do the gingerbread houses for the adults.

Here are our houses:

This is Amber house.

This one is Sam's.


Here is Hayleigh's house.  She loved the pink sugar!  :)

And last but not least, my house.  Like I said, although these were fun, next year I think we'll leave the Rice Krispies Treats houses to the kids and do the traditional gingerbread for the adults.  Has anyone else had experience with these houses?  What did you think? Better than the traditional gingerbread houses?


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