Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Turquoise Necklace

My niece is a
jewelry consultant for an in-home party/on-line jewelry company.  I have got a lot of ideas from the jewelry she demonstrates and displays at her shows.  So I have used her sort of as a muse when I have sat down to create new pieces lately.  This is one that was inspired after one of her parties.

It can be worn short or long.  You can wear any number of combinations, just one, two, or all three layers.  I don't even have photos of all the different ways it can be worn, but I'm sure you can imagine all the combos.  The beaded strands can even be worn as bracelets.

Each beaded strand has a lobster clasp, so it can be worn separately--or even as a bracelet.

All three together.

Wear them long, with the chain attached.

I also made a little bobble that attaches to the silver chain.  The chain is made from unmatched pieces that were left over from other projects.  I cut them up and linked together with split rings.  I will post the chain and bobble with my last piece.

Photos courtesy of Courtney Marcus Photography



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