Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cleaning up with Magid Blue Nitrile Gloves-Review

Recently, I received a box of Magid EconoWear T9557 Blue Powdered Disposable Nitrile Gloves (100 pack) from Magid Gloves and Safety Manufacturing Company LLC for review and I knew I could put them to good use!

I like to use disposable gloves to protect my hands when working around the house.  My husband always has a box of disposable gloves handy out in his garage to use when needed.  And I always use disposable gloves when cleaning my dogs room.  Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom are other areas when I use them.  Because even when organic cleaners are being used they can be very hard on your hands.  My skin becomes so dry when I don't protect them.  

The fit of the glove was okay (they sent me a large).  I can easily move my fingers without difficulty.  However, it does pull down slightly around the wrist when I bend them forward (which might not have been the case if the glove fit a little tighter), and as you can see from the pictures they don't cover much past the wrist.  So be careful if you are dipping your hands in liquid that is deep, it could leak in over the top of the glove.  The Magid Blue Nitrile Gloves are ambidextrous and completely liquid proof so you don’t have to worry about anything coming into contact with your skin through the glove.

Not only are these gloves great for cleaning and general maintenance purposes, they offer better protection than vinyl or latex disposable gloves against chemicals, punctures and abrasions—they are a great value too$8.25 /DP.  They are ideal gloves for single-use purposes like handling raw food in the kitchen, to have on hand in the garage, or just general home projects and maintenance.  Your next paint project—the Magid Blue Nitrile Gloves would be awesome!  

I would like to thank Magid Gloves for sending me these gloves to review.


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