Thursday, April 7, 2011

Peter Rabbit

Easter ranks right up there as a favorite holiday for me.  I love the candy giving and egg hunting, the cute stuffed bunnies. All the frilly-little dresses and cute suits to dress the little ones up, etc. but I especially love the decorations.  Here is a little wooden rabbit that I painted.

Paint list:

  1. Pink Angel
  2. Wicker White
  3. Cinnamon
  4. Thunder Blue
  5. Black
  6. Sunny Yellow
  7. Spring Rose
  8. Tangerine
  9. Light Lavender
  10. Purple
  11. Hunter Green

Materials list:
Wooden pieces cut to size (I'll try to add the template at a later time)
Ribbon of choice (to tie around neck--not pictured)
Sharpie marker (black)
glue gun
one 1"x1" hearts (mouth)
one 5/16" button (for nose)
paint brushes

Base wooden pieces with main colors
  1. Paint the following pieces and allow to dry before adding a second coat.  
  2. Rabbit body, hands, feet and nose--Wicker White.  Nose--black.  Basket--Cinnamon.  Decorate the eggs as you wish.  I used Sunny Yellow, Spring Rose, Tangerine, Light Lavender, Purple, Hunter Green and Wicker White.   
  3. Paint the checks Pink Angel. Also use the Pink Angel for the ears.  Use a fine brush and with Black outline both the ears and cheeks (can also use an extra-fine sharpie marker), also cross-hatch a few Black lines on both the ears and cheeks to shadow.
  4. You can paint the eyes or just use two small wooden buttons (same as the nose) for the eyes.  Paint the eyebrows with Black using a fine paint brush.  I used Thunder Blue, Black, and Wicker White for the eyes.
  5. Use a black sharpie marker for the detail around the edge of the rabbit body, hands and feet or a fine paint brush and black. Your choice.  I used the paint brush and Black paint.

After everything is dry...

Glue the whiskers in place.

Secure the nose and mouth.

With hot glue, secure the basket to the body and the afix the hands to the basket.  Glue the body to the feet. 
Tie a cute bow around his neck, which I forgot to do before I took these pictures!  :)


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