Thursday, February 24, 2011

Love Sign

I tried to get this posted before Valentine's Day, but unfortunately the Gods and time were against me...anyway here it is finally.

Materials List
9" wooden letters L, O, V, E
Mod Podge
Red and pink tissue paper
wooden hearts
dried roses
floral tape
thin wire
1"x 4" board (for base)
red enamel gloss paint
I usually ask my husband to cut these type of projects out for me, but since he has had time constraints I decided to purchase the letters already cutout.  Pick your favorite covering to Mod Podge the letters.  I used red and pink,but you can change the colors to your favorites.

Cut the board to 40" in length. My husband ran it through it table saw to plane the edges.

Choose your favorite color and paint the base. I used enamel gloss paint
and then I didn't need to spray with the clear coat. Allow to dry.

For some of the decorations I used some dried flowers, wired
them with some thin wire and wrapped floral tape around them.

Lay your letters out and hot glue in place. 

Decorate with flowers, hearts and ribbon.


  1. I love this sign! :-) What a simple product that has a beautiful result! I'm stopping by from Mom Bloggers! Thanks for visiting me.

  2. Following you back from MBC! I just painted letters like this for my kids. I took heart stickers and placed them all over, then painted, then removed. It looked really cute!

  3. So cute!
    New follower from the blog hop network


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