Monday, April 2, 2012

#Easter Penguins

This week is all about Easter.  If time allows I will post a new Easter project every day.  We have to be ready for that fluffy white hare's visit.

I had planned to do a step-by-step photo tutorial for this post, but because of time restraints, unfortunately this is all you get--at least for now.  I will do the photo tutorial and update the post when I have a little more time.

I learned how to make these cute Penguin decorations several years ago, when my husband and I took a cooking class together.  They are fairly simple to make and can be used as place card holders or just to dress up your buffet or Easter table.


  • one hard-boiled egg
  • two black olives
  • one large carrot slice
  • toothpicks
(ingredients will make one penguin)

  1. With a sharp paring knife, cut small 'V' shapes out of one edge of the carrot for feet.  Keep the pieces you remove from the carrot to insert later for the beak.
  2. Insert toothpick in the carrot slice and slide the hard-boiled egg (Penguin body) onto the toothpick. 
  3. Slice one black olive in half (wings).  
  4. With a toothpick, attach the wings to the body.  
  5. Cut small slit into other black olive and insert beak.
  6. Again with a toothpick attach the head to the body.
That's it!  Your done.  You have a cute little Easter Penguin.

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  1. These are perfect for my family this year! I am going to make a whole troop of these! Thanks for sharing!

  2. How cute these would be lined up on a long platter at Easter brunch!


  3. These are soooooooooooo cute and adorable
    They look complicated to make and I'm surprised to learn that it's quite easy/
    Thanks so much for sharing
    I love it

  4. These are adorable! They were one of the most popular links on What makes You Say Mmmmm- you're featured there today! Thanks for sharing.


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